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Dental X-Rays

What are benefits of a Dental x-rays?
Many of the diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen when your dentist examines your mouth.  An x-ray may reveal:
* small areas of decay in the teeth and below existing restorations
* diseases of the bone
* abscesses or cysts
* signs of periodontal disease--gum disease
* some types of tumors
* evidence of trauma
How often should x-rays be taken?
This aspect of your dental treatment is scheduled on an individual basis.  Dental x-rays are prescribed for each patient after the evaluation of the patients needs, including review of the patient's health history, the patients dental history, completion of the dental exam and other factors .
If you are a new patient the dentist may recommend a complete mouth series of x-rays to determine the status of the hidden areas of your mouth and help analyze changes that may occur later.
The schedule of x-rays on recall appointments varies with age, risk of disease and signs and symptoms of disease.  Children may need x-rays more often than adults because their oral structures are growing and changing and because of their risk of tooth decay.  The dentist can also chart progress in growth and development and see  if permanent teeth will erupt normally.